Where Collaboration Meets The Competition in an Open Source Technology Style

T3Labs is a technology collaboration network that holds space for technologists and technology enthusiasts in the Tucson, AZ locale. Who would have thought a collaboration between competitors would be so much fun! We invite you to experience what a sustainable business incubator feels like. Our purpose is to service the growing technology community of Tucson with fun events, video, and news.


To provide an environment both virtually and in real space where technologists and the businesses they serve can come together to find opportunities and share experiences and tips. In order to create a culture of transparency, support and positivity, it all starts with getting together and talking.

Who We Are

We’re a group of technologists, artists, and scientists that come from various backgrounds and experience. T3 Labs is a technology collaboration network for technologists and technology enthusiasts to bring the right people together so we can all benefit from the expertise in the community both professionally and personally.

Interested in joining the fun at T3Labs?

Cool! Drop us a line to let us know how you would you like to contribute. We need all the help we can get to thrive!

Is there a topic your itching to share with the tech community? We’re always looking for new speakers and special guests from businesses and non-profits in Tucson and around the globe.

Do you work in the technology industry? Consider being part of our braintrust by joining our team in event planning and the execution process.

Or do you just want to be part of the action? Support the T3labs movement by attending the next Tucson Tech Talk, TechBytes, or TechPints event.

We would be happy to promote your business on our website, social media, blasts, posters, & flyers with your Sponsorship. Sponsorship can include monies donated (to help pay for printing costs, drink tix, etc.), products display for our Guests to experiment with during our TechTalks, swag, prize giveaways, & other options as well.

Heidi Trevethan

Heidi Trevethan is CCO at House Trevethan, a technology studio. As a serial entrepreneur, Heidi found a passion for organization – her role is steeped in bringing order out of chaos and ensuring the values and culture of House Trevethan are maintained as House Trevethan grows. She has an innate sense of people and can quickly find who will fit best in our culture, and what motivates potential House Trevethan team members. Her commitment to excellence in these areas has created an amazing and repeatable model for sustainable hiring. Heidi lives in sunny Tucson, AZ with her husband, son, & two dogs.

Allen Trevethan

Allen Trevethan, Partner and CEO at House Trevethan, is an expert technology strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies with their most challenging IT problems. Starting in the pre-internet days with America Online, and then rounding out his professional career with Microsoft, and WebMD. Allen possesses 20+ years of accumulated business acumen, technical knowledge, and IT leadership experience. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and son.

Jenny Stern

Jenny Stern is the owner of Markit Rockit, a digital marketing agency for small business and startup companies. Her specializations include video production, website design and development, and digital marketing services such as: email marketing and online advertising. Jenny and her team work with clients in various B2B and B2C industries including, but not limited to local restaurants, software startups, resorts, e-commerce, mortgage lenders, and legal professionals. Every client’s goals are met with individualized marketing strategies that drive organic growth driven by best practices in SEO, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.

CJ Saetren

CJ Saetren is COO of Tech Simply, a web development company based in Tucson, Arizona. She maintains the daily operations around the home office. CJ is a organizational wizard and spends her day solving problems. She wears many hats – including being a wedding planner, and on the operations team of Dusk Music Festival. In addition to being born and raised in Tucson, CJ graduated from the Eller College of Management, and is a major 520 enthusiast.

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