Who knew coffee
could be so

Did you know UNESCO has designated Tucson as the first city in the USA as a World City of Gastronomy? We have so many wonderful local restaurants and vibrant cuisines to enjoy! We would like to combine our passions of eating delicious food, drinking coffee, and talking about the latest and greatest technologies. What tech do you use on the daily?

We want to be as open source as possible while offering inclusive conversation and creative solutions from a group of techy peers.

What are the tools that you think could be better? These are all questions that we explore over coffee or the best burrito in town.

Join Us!

We’ll be exploring some local spots around Tucson and would like to invite you to come talk tech with us.

We’re open to your suggestions of foodie destinations.

Joins us for TechBytes every Tuesday from 10:30am to 12:30pm(ish) at rotating coffee shops around Tucson. Check out our Events Page for where we will be!


We are the friendly group with the laptops 🙂 Have technology questions? Want to get some remote work done? Or do you just want to enjoy a delish cup of coffee? Join us! We hope to see you there! 



Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.